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My name is Michael. I am Malaysian. I’m an Actor and I have been active in the local Performing Arts and TV scene since 2003. Check out my personal website to find out more about me.

Before I started working with (started in Jan 2011), my contribution to the creative arts scene was merely as a budding actor. WAMM (founded in 2006) was and is my attempt to do more. It is a site I dedicate towards highlighting Malaysian talent in Film, Music, Theatre and everything in between.

Here is my dream for WAMM : I want the WAMM team to be filled with ‘Mavericks‘ (forgive my Top Gun reference, but it is one of my favourite movies). Whether it’s conducting screenings, organising gigs, making short films, attending events all the time and then writing about them A.N.Y.T.H.I.N.G!

Thank you for visiting WAMM., @michaelcsm / @MalaysianMade ,  WAMM on FB,

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WAMM Photographer | Anrie Too
Dear you,

I’m a juggler – between my love for performing and the incessant need to pay for pretty things. But they say needs build character and I am naïve enough to believe them. So I play hard and work, well, enough. And this is where I play. After close to nine years of being a struggling singer, host, model, actress, reality TV-queen and overall “apapun boleh try” performer, I’ve come to realize that anyone who’s passionate about performing in Malaysia will understand – and some could even be dramatic enough to redefine – the meaning of ‘struggle’.

It’s tough out there, but like mentioned, I’m naïve, and I believe that we could all make a difference – as little as we think. And this is what I believe WAMM can do.So here’s me, trying to make a difference. Peace.


P/S: Follow more of my ramblings on Twitter @Anrie2
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WAMM Contributor | Resident Babble-Mouth


WAMM contributor: Khairil M. Bahar
Good morning, humans.My name is Khairil M. Bahar, though my friends call me Khai. I made a little low budget movie that quite a few heard about but not as many saw called ‘Ciplak’ which somehow gave me a career in filmmaking. I also play in blues rock band ‘Rollin’ Sixers’ and I dabble in theatre every once in a while.I’m also the guy that suggested WAMM do a podcast for no reason other than the fact that I’m a huge fan of Kevin Smith and have been copying out of that man’s playbook since I first saw Clerks and wondered what a jizz-mopper was.When I’m not doing all the things that I do you can find me at my blog at or on twitter as @khaimano. I’d ask you to follow me, but I’m sure your parents told you not to follow strange men.

WAMM Contributor


WAMM Contributor. Amelia Chen
Amelia Chen – Drama Princess – Jetset Superstar – Indie Queen – Rebel or just plain Wannabe. You decide.
Follow my exploits on Twitter – @AmeliaChn

I’ve been involved in the English theatre scene on and off since 2001. Starting out in the now decommissioned The Actor’s Studio Plaza Putra. I’ve been around the world and back again, only to find that just like Dorothy, there’s no place like home. I sincerely believe that Malaysia still has so many stories to tell the World. And when it comes to film, theare and even television (as these are my field of ‘expertise’), that this is where the work is. Here is where I, we, can make a difference. My niche on this website will lean, hopefully, more towards the indie and I’ll be doing my darnedest to keep you guys updated on gigs, auditions, screenings and performances.

Long live Malaysian arts. Malaysia Boleh.

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WAMM Contributor | Resident Designer


WAMM Designer. Justin Wong
Intro from WAMM Founder: Initially meeting him at a Hari Raya Open House in 2011 and upon finding out Justin’s involvement with the arts, all things creative and love of poker – a friendship was founded. Fast forward a few months later, Justin offerred to redesign a logo and new look for WAMM. He’s working on it as we speak, already showing off some ideas last night. Stay tuned for a properly designed WAMM website, hopefully, coming soon!Written by Michael (20 Apr 2011)
Brief Intro by Justin Wong:
Justin Wong loves the local arts so much he would lift two fingers to help it grow. A creative professional by trade, he spends his spare time acting, song-writing and competitive scrabble.You may write to him at 

WAMM Contributor | Writer & Reviewer


WAMM Contributor. Joshua Chong
I’m Joshua Chong and my regular soul-draining day job is as lawyer in K.L.When I’m not lawyering, I write all sorts, and on WAMM I write about theatre as well as other performing arts, disciplines and events.I have a wee bit of experience writing, performing and directing theatre.I enjoy discovering, experiencing, promoting and participating in Malaysian arts and I look forward to collaborating with others on creative projects.I have a personal blog and tweet @joshychong. You can write to me at joshy@wearemalaysianmade.comLong live Malaysian arts!

WAMM Contributor

WAMM Contributor. Yin Boey
Hiya! My name is Yin.

As a kid, I wanted to sing and play the flute or saxophone or guitar or harp but was shuffled to piano classes instead. Eventually I grew up and learnt gamelan for a year and even performed for the Queen. After that, I sang with The Young KL Singers for 7 years. Am currently learning how to make the C Am F G7 chord progression sound awesome on the ukulele.

Besides music, I opted for a course on Acting for Beginners. I ended up as a Tree. For three years, by day I wrote press releases on information technology and by night, I wrote lifestyle pieces for NewMan, FHM and the Astro Travel Guide. My favouritest book in the world is The Gruffalo with its rhyming couplets and themes on how brain trumps brawn & how a small mouse can successfully outwit the second scariest animal in the jungle.

For the past decade, I’ve traveled the world managing PR programmes for multinational enterprise IT corporations. Then, I took a leap of faith and plunged myself into the world of music and arts management.

Will write for gelato (well, almost).

WAMM Contributor

WAMM Contributor. Tres Fest
What started out as a festival has turned into a community. Tres Fest’s main event is a MUSIC, ART, and FOOD festival aimed for everyone and anyone. The best part is, it’s free for all. Made up of mostly university students, Tres Fest is our way of giving back to the community through the things which makes us Malaysian – music, art and food (especially food!). We see ourselves as a family of the same interests. Not just the organizing committee, but with everyone, including the performers, vendors, sponsors, and most important, the audience. Organized by Orangecow Studios (your artsy fartsy and event management company), Tres Fest sets out to be THE festival of the year. But, we do not just want to concentrate on one thing because we have a burning passion for many other things and are yet to venture through the looking glass of wonders. Equipped with the many talents we have on the team, we believe that we can form a bigger team and contribute back to society in any means possible.

If you would like get in touch with us for (collaboration, ideas, or anything at all!), please do not hesitate to contact us at

WAMM Contributor

WAMM Contributor. Nick Dorian
Nick Dorian is a man who often finds himself drifting about aimlessly on an empty stage. Occasionally, directors notice him and decide to cast him and plays and films. However, if he isn’t doing that, he also attempts to produce videos under his production company Candid Productions. One series to come out of this company is The Backstage Life, an online show dedicated completely to the Malaysian arts, which can now be seen on the WAMM Site (yay!)

In his free time, he tends to tumble over at his tumblr.

He also asks that if you want to know more info on him, visit his fan page on Facebok. Yes he has a fan page. Don’t ask.

Not-so-Active Members

WAMM Contributor | Writer & Reviewer

Debbie Loh

WAMM Contributor. Debbie
Hello I’m Debbie and I crunch numbers and write press statements as a day job.I juggle that with teaching guitar and piano on some nights. I also have a quiet stash of short stories which I build on as rapidly as I can and a few scribbled songs that I really should get recorded soon. I already have a secret single pre-released.As a consumer, I love going to see the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra and the usual–or odd–jazz gig. My bedroom headbanging days are over but I don’t mind the occasional din–as long as it’s good din, you know what I mean.I also consume volumes of words strung together–poetic, prose, statistics, fiction, truth. As long as it’s strung together quite artfully, of course. And so I often find myself buried in a book, or my mobile gadget thingy–just reading.Yep. Being producer and consumer of artsy things can both be equally consuming.And over here at WAMM, I am an avid consumer.Tip me off locally made literature, shows and gigs at
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WAMM Contributor | Jabatan Bahasa Malaysia


WAMM Contributor. Modee
Salam perkenalan, saya Modee, ketua Jabatan Bahasa Malaysia untuk We are Malaysian Made (dalam Bahasa Malaysianya adalah Kami Buatan Malaysia). Tugas saya di sini adalah untuk menyebarkan berita-berita mengenai upacara-upacara seni yang berlaku di sekitar Kuala Lumpur dan yang sewaktu dengannya. Maaf, saya tidak akan menulis perihal Akademi Fantasia atau Mentor atau sebagainya, jadi saudara/saudari boleh menghembuskan nafas lega.Saya kini bekerja dalam industri teater sebagai pengarah, pelakon, penyelia teater, pengurus produksi, khadam dan sebagainya. Ya, saya tahu saya tak kaya tapi hati saya gembira :DJika pihak saudara/saudari mempunyai sebarang perutusan mengenai persembahan-persembahan seni yang diadakan, auditions, APA APA SAHAJA, sila hubungi saya di modee@wearemalaysianmade. Kalau ada job kosong kat mana-mana, sila emel kepada saya juga.Itu sahaja, salam perkenalan.
Saya yang menjalankan tugas

WAMM Contributors | Writing & Performance


Hello! We’re the Electric Minds Project, an initiative started to help writers of all genres of the performing arts (be they playwrights, poets, monologuists, etc etc etc) find and create opportunities to create platforms for their work and to expand their creative experience, with a singular goal in mind: to establish a community of independent creative artists where anyone with the heart, the will and the enthusiasm can come together, express themselves and support each other.Here at WAMM, we are hoping to reach more people and invite them to join our ever-growing family, with audition announcements, as well as writing projects and directing opportunities.For more information on EMP, you can look us up on or if you want to write to

WAMM Contributor | Photography


WAMM Contributor. Bahir
His name is Bahir Yeusuff and he likes to think of himself as a modern day “Jack-of-all-trades”. He plays music (bass guitar), writes (2 short scripts so far!), is a producer (3 feature films so far!) and does not much else.He likes taking photos, although he’ll be the first to tell you he isn’t very good at it. Which is why he has decided to bother Michael and get himself a nice little section in WAMM so he can show off the works of other better photographers and somehow maybe get his name mentioned in the same sentence as good photographers.But the main reason he has joined WAMM is because Bahir Yeusuff thinks the job title “Curator” sounds sexy and has always wanted to be one.Write to him at :
Send photos to :

WAMM Contributor


WAMM Contributor: Juliane Block
Hi all, I’m Juliane Block, and even though I’m German, I’m allowed to contribute to WAMM 🙂 I’ve lived 5 years in Malaysia and shot most of my films there.I directed and produced a no budget feature in KL in 2008 (“Emperor”) which screened at the Asia Pacific festival of 1st Films in Singapore and won the feature category at the Portable Film Festival. Since 2007 I directed, wrote and produced 13 shorts (most of them Malaysian based) which have been screened in film festivals around the world, and my 2nd Malaysian feature “Kinks” just completed post. I participated in the Berlinale Talent Campus in 2008 and my short film “It could happen to you” was chosen for production in the BTC Hands on Training “Garage studio”. I’ve held lectures about low budget film making in Hong Kong (Hong Kong Int. Film Academy) and Singapore (SAE Institute).After living the last 6 years in Asia (Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand & Indonesia) I just returned to Germany to pursue my next feature film projects.I love my life!I have a personal blog and you can write me at

A space to honour our ‘Music Dude’

A short note from Michael (WAMM Founder):

Alda is a guy who epitomises what WAMM strives to do. Without expecting anything in return, Alda was the kind of guy who put himself out there so that he could help others get out there too. Everyone who’s done any time in the Malaysian music scene from indie to mainstream would have come across this guy, somehow or someway. Although I never really got to know him very well, in the short times we hung out, he contributed to WAMM and he organised all kinds of open mic gigs, even giving me a chance to sing in front of a crowd more than once.

You will be missed man.

*Below is a profile he wrote himself. And I am going to leave it the way he wrote it. Untouched and unedited. 

WAMM Contibutor | Music dude


Hello!I’m Alda and i’ve been put here to wreck havoc to your aural and visual senses with my biased take of whats happening in the music scene in Malaysia.I’ve been playing music for 15 years and have been a part of many music related projects in KL. Chances are you’ve heard my work and not know i was part of it.My current works are:The Artistic Sries – One Leg kick gig organizer for venues such as Artista Bar & Restaurant, Ovo live Bistro and ComidaQuarter Note Music  Publishing – Creative Director and Co-FounderMusic Director – Joe Flizzow, Altimet and James BaumBand Manager – Iskan The Great & HWCUltimate goal: To see more Malaysian Music talents take on the world! We’re on the way with Zee and Yuna! Lets see more please!