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Jazz out of The Box – Musica Workshop 5.0


Message from the Musica Workshop folks!

Musica Workshop 5.0 is here to bring you a music workshop about Jazz.
Well well well, this time round we will be having 2 great musicians; Mr Justin Lim & Mr Ken Chung
To increase the excitement, thrill and adrenaline rush; We are celebrating our 1st anniversary @ our 5th workshop! We are having the best of both world, which is party and performance at night! Whooop whooop! 😛
Jazz Out Of The Box – Is our theme. We are incorporating the Piano and the Bass together. Yes! You don’t get to do/see this everyday! We are bring 2 awesome musician together (who never worked together before, just for this.)
Are you guys excited! I AM. Hee.
If you are interested in Jazz (Or Out of the Box), YOU ARE IN!
What are we learning?
1. Mastering on Rhythmic Ideas (Pedal point, Broken Rhythm, Piano comping piano, Walking bass).
2. Learning the right skills in applying Texture & Technique
3. Knowing the ‘RIGHT’ sound effects/quality
4. Re-harmonization technique & concepts
5. Improvisation (Step out from the music licks, auto pilot)
6. Arrangement (Originality of a piece)
7. Having fun with your instruments!
What are we providing for the workshop?
1. Comfortable learning environment
2. Food and Beverage (Lunch, Tea-Time, Finger-Food for the night performance)
3. Useful handouts prepared by the presenters.
4. Good Facilities (Music Equipments, Lecturing Equipments etc.)
5. Free ticket for the night celebration.
6. Get an opportunity to have a jam session with the presenters at the night celebration.
At the night performances, the music genres are included as below:
1. DJ style music
2. Indie style music
3. Jazz music
* You will get an opportunity to have a jam session with both our excellent presenters *
RM 200 Student Price
RM 250 Normal Price (Working Adult)
RM 15 Night Performance (1st Anniversary celebration)
Offer Price:
1. RM180 per person when register in a group of 3
2. RM150 per person when register in a group of 5
Well, what else are you waiting for? Fill up the registration form and get your bum bum here! 🙂 XOXO
For more information, please check out the Facebook event page:
Presenters’ Biography that you may want to know:
Mr. Justin Lim Short Biography:
Justin Lim began his music career as session pianist and has worked with top musicians and artists in the music industry such as saxophone great Greg Lyons, Indonesian pop star Kris Dayanti and Korean folk-rock legend Kang San-Eh.
He is prominently featured on bass legend Andy Peterson’s debut album, Anusha as well as singer-songwriter Pete Teo’s award-winning sophomore release, Television. In 2009, Justin received the National Art Award (Young Talent Category) from the Malaysian government for his accomplishments in composition.
He is currently serving as a full-time lecturer in the Institute of Music at Institute of Music, UCSI University
Mr. Ken Chung Biography:
Ken Chung has played the bass for 10 years now. He has a unique talent for groove playing, locking down the beat with the drummer and providing ear pleasing rhythm and notes on the bass. A versatile player who covers diverse genre from R&B, Jazz, Pop, Rock, Latin and etc. He also has a silky approach towards improvisation, being able to reach out to the audience when he’s soloing.
He studied various subjects such as Vocal Writing, Orchestration, Big Band Arranging, Commercial Arranging, Advanced Music Production, Ensemble classes and Music business. In 2006, he graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree (Honors) in Professional Music (Music Arranging).
Ken has won multiple Award (Yamaha Asianbeat band competition 2005, Best Bassist, etc), shared the stage with other Prominent Musician (Incubus, Incognito,John Legend, Nidji, George Benson, Al Jarreau, Korn, Fish leong, Michael Wong, Gary Cao, etc.), as a Music Director, Touring the World also involving himself in the making of various artist album.
Since then, he has been a performer, recording artiste, sessionist, music director and a songwriter.
Woo! Getting these two great musicians at one time? We are not kidding you. Please do not hesitate and grab this rare opportunity!


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