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WAMM at #ysdaf14 Featuring John Cho We Jun

Note from Founder :

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing John (or We Jun, as I call him) since we were mere teenagers. I acted in my first short film which was his first short film, which is a film he says will never see the light of day ever again. Knowing each other for so long, we’ve had our ups and downs as friends. But I’m glad to say that we are friends now and it comes as absolutely no surprise to me that he is enjoying the success he now has as a Director / Producer. His creative talent encompasses music, writing, editing, camera work, design, directing and more! His vision for the look of a piece of film and his instincts to Direct and Produce quality content is exactly why I started WAMM to promote people like him. Check out his other works and subscribe to his YouTube channel.

We will be screening FIX (trailer above) which is currently makings it’s rounds in all sorts of festivals.

Synopsis :

Yan is an undercover cop posing as a small-time pusher in the local narcotics ring. Despite regular phone calls from his mysterious handler reassuring him that someone will eventually take his place, Yan grows increasingly paranoid that it is only a matter of time before he is found out.


  • Official selection, in competition at Salón Internacional de la Luz (Volumen V) 2014 at Bogota, Colombia.
  • Official selection, in competition at KALIBER35 Munich International Short Film Festival 2014 at Munich, Germany.
  • Official selection, in competition at 26ena Festival de Cinema de Girona 2014 at Girona, Spain.
  • Official selection, in competition at „Złote Mrówkojady 2014 at Lublin, Poland.


“Paranoia in Petaling Jaya”

A short crime thriller by We Jun

Cast, in order of appearance

Alfred Loh

Ismail Jamaludin

Michael Chen

Brian Ong

Kit Lim


Writer: John W. J. Cho

Director: John W. J. Cho

Cinematographer: John W. J. Cho

Camera operator: Praveen Kumar

Art director: Paul Hasham

Production manager: Sandie Lee

Assistant director: Nadira Ilana

Sound recordist: Henry Tan

Sound designer: John W. J. Cho

Editor: John W. J. Cho

Producer: Sandie Lee

Executive producers: John W. J. Cho, Catherine Y. L. Tan

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