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WAMM at #ysdaf14 Featuring Linus Chung

Note from Founder:

You would probably have watched his most recent video that’s on YouTube, Iklan Merdeka “Terbang” – MAS featuring Yuna’s song ‘Langit’. Both videos were directed by Linus. I’ve been in contact with Linus ever since I first stepped foot in the local TV / Film industry, way back in 2006/07. He was already creating waves as a young filmmaker. The following is lifted from http://www.filmfestivalrotterdam.com/professionals/persons/linus-chung/ :

“Linus CHUNG makes a living and supports his passion for film making by producing and directing TV commercials and corporate videos. Besides making films, Linus also writes articles on cinema and film making for magazines. He is also a trained sculptor and fine arts painter. Chung’s short film House is part of 15Malaysia (2009), an omnibus film that consists of 15 short films by 15 Malaysian film makers.”

Look up his other stuff : 3-Minute Life (2002, short), Demolition Frog (2002, short), A Note of Love (2007), 15 Malaysia (2009, omnibus film) and subscribe to him on his YouTube Channel.

At the #ysdaf14 , WAMM will be screening 2 of his documentaries:



“Deklarasi Hak Orang Asal”

Recorded at the 2013 National Indigenous People’s Day Celebration, Orang Asal communities from all over Malaysia shares their experiences and opinions about their rights as outlined in the United Nations Declaration on The Rights of The Indigenous People (UNDRIP)



“Save Sarawak, Stop The Dams” : More info about this video here – http://www.stop-corruption-dams.org/


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