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WAMM T-Shirt #IfWeDontCareWhoWill Series

Keen to get a WAMM T-shirt? Drop me an email at michael(at)wearemalaysianmade.com with subject #IfWeDontCareWhoWill and include your size and mobile contact. This will be a small personalised run. So price will depend on how many people place an order.

*Note From Founder:

This is a test print of the first WAMM Tshirt I’ve ever attempted.

Ever since my first attempt at starting a website to promote awesome creative Malaysians doing their thing, (*read ifilmindie.com) where I printed the first batch of ifilmindie Tshirts, which I still have stock of to this day. I’ve been cautious about printing T’s again. There’s something permanent about printing T’s that I can’t seem to put a finger on. It feels even more powerful than putting things down on paper.

Printing a T-shirt that would *hopefully* be worn by other people feels scary. I feel that there’s a sense of responsibility even. Some thought should be put into it. Not just printing for the sake of printing. The reasons could be personal or for a cause that you feel something for. Guess that makes it personal as well. My thoughts are blurting out at the speed of me typing this post out. As it has just dawned on me that no matter what the intention is behind making a T (*to me at least), it’s got to be personal. And if it resonates with others, then it befits the action of printing it and for the other to buy it.

And that’s why I started WAMM. It’s personal. And I’m lucky enough that WAMM resonates with some of you out there. Special #Shoutout to the peeps who have stuck with me through this up & down journey that is WAMM thus far, (*The WAMMteam and in no particular order) @Anrie2, @Khaimano, @AmeliaChn, @justinthewong, @joshychong, @LetterFromTahoe (Yin), @AzSamad, @TresFest, @NickDorian and all the rest who have been helping off and on. 🙂 I’m glad WAMM resonates with you special people.


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