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FREE Basic Jazz Guitar Lesson: C Major 7 Arpeggio by Az Samad

Lesson Explanation:
Welcome to this mini guitar lesson! In this video, you’ll learn a useful basic C Major 7 arpeggio fingering. In jazz, a lot of classic jazz licks are based around arpeggios of the chords.

For fingerstyle guitarists, I also break down my fingerstyle guitar approach to playing this arpeggio.

How to practice:
1. Play the C Major 7 chord
2. Play the C Major 7 arpeggio
3. Alternate playing the chord and the arpeggio
4. Try writing your own lines using the arpeggio.
5. Experiment & have fun! =)

Watch the video below:

For more info about the classes, click here: http://www.azsamad.com/jazz

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