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NEW Jazz Guitar Lesson: Pat Martino Style by Az Samad

Watch the video to learn a Pat Martino Style A minor 7 Jazz Lick from Az Samad!


Lesson Explanation:

This jazz lick combines arpeggios and a bebop scale line
a) Amin9 arpeggio with G# approach note (G# A C E G B)
b) Bebop scale line (B Bb A Ab G F# E D C B A Ab G E)
c) Scale fragment (C B)
d) 2-octave Amin7 arpeggio ending on the 9th (A C E G A C E G B)

This phrase is inspired by the music of Pat Martino. You can use this phrase as a basis for different lines that use arpeggios and bebop scales.

Practice this line slowly first and then with the metronome, learn to play it faster and more fluid. Take your time.

In addition to working on this line, try writing your own lines and licks to get more benefit from this lesson. If you’re really up for a challenge, learn each line in as many positions as possible on the guitar and play it in different keys. Good luck!

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