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theatrethreesixty’s Wordbox

Wordbox – Developing new voices to tell the stories of our lives

A biweekly content developmental lab and writing space aimed at providing a safe space for writers to develop new writings for the stage.

theatrethreesixty is creating a content development lab and writing space aimed at giving new and established writers a safe space to share, experiment and develop their own writing projects for the stage. We are inviting all writers or those interested to explore writing for the stage to be part of our sessions which will be held on a bi-weekly schedule on every other Saturday from 12pm – 4 pm beginning on March 22nd.

Wordbox aims to provide a facilitated safe space dedicated to writers where ideas can be bounced around and shared with a group of peer writers in the process of generating new content to be performed on stage. Participants will be exposed to writing techniques and tips from the guided discussions that are part of the Wordbox Lab sessions as well as through discussions with their fellow participants. Participants will also be able to find like-minded people to share their work in progress with in a facilitated session to get constructive feedback for them to use to further develop their material.

Wordbox also aims to organize a monthly Wordbox Open Play Reading session for participants of the Wordbox Lab and outside writers to have excerpts of completed or work currently in progress works to be read aloud by actors to a small group of audience including directors for feedback to the writers. The goal of these reading sessions is to identify potential new work that could be developed in the next level for future productions by the company and provide a networking opportunity for actors, directors and writer for future collaborations.


What is Wordbox?

What Wordbox is
• A group of like minded writers willing to share and explore ideas collaboratively with the goal of producing the writer’s own individual stage plays projects
• A venue where collaborative discussions can be conducted for a group of writers in the process of working on their individual stage play projects.
• Facilitated idea and content generation sessions for writers to participate in the process of creating their own stage play writing projects

What Wordbox is not
• A training program to teach writers how to write stage plays
• A certification process which endorses the quality of the product produced by participants
• A brand name that can be use to market any work produced by the participants

I. Wordbox Lab
• Participants of the Wordbox Lab meets every 2 weeks on Saturday for 4 hours every meeting for discussions and sharing of current writing projects in progress
• Session will be started with facilitated discussion on components for writing for stage and developing the experience of using them in the participants writing projects.
• Participants will get the opportunity to share their current writing project with the team to get additional feedback and ideas to progress their own projects
• Several guest facilitators including actors, directors and producers will be invited from time to time to share their expectations for the writers to consider when working on their individual projects.

II. Wordbox Open Play Readings
• Open play readings will be organized on a monthly basis with submissions solicited from participants of the Wordbox Lab as well as outside writers not participating in the Wordbox Lab.
• Works to be read during the Wordbox Open Play Readings will be limited to not more than 15 minute pieces either complete or excerpted pieces from a longer play.
• Works will be read aloud by actors to an audience of writers as well as directors.
• The goal of these session is to identify potential new work that could be developed in the next level for future productions by the company and provide a networking opportunity for actors, directors and writer for future collaborations.

Guiding Principles
• Open discussion and sharing of ideas – no ideas are too out there or not feasible if there is an angle to tell the story.
• Zero tolerance on plagiarism – every participant will be part of an honor system that will acknowledge sources of inspiration clearly and give credit to story ideas.
• Word feedback in the form of a question instead of a statement to generate more constructive feedback behavior in all participants.

Wordbox is a not for profit endeavor that will not charge any fee to the participants of both the Wordbox Lab and the Wordbox Open Play Readings. All logistical support to conduct both activities under Wordbox falls under the Content Development arm of theatrethreesixty.

Monetary donations from the participants of both activities will be highly appreciated and welcomed. A donation box will be set up at the venue of every session of both events for the collection of funds.


Interested participants to the Wordbox programs will not be required to attend all sessions but you will definitely benefit most by attending as many sessions that you need to develop your individual writing projects.

Wordbox Kick-off date:
22 March 2014: 12 – 4pm

Wordbox Venue*:
Sparky Dawg, Phileo Damansara 1,
Jalan 16/11, Block G, Ground Floor, Unit 108,
46350 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

* Subsequent Wordbox sessions will be held at the same location on every other Saturday beginning on 22nd of March 2014.

Please bring your notepad, writing journals, laptops or tablets that you use for your writing projects along with you as you will have space at the venue to spread out and work on your individual writing projects.

* Please note that we do not offer WIFI connection at the venue.

For any enquiries on our Wordbox program, email us at info@theatrethreesixty.com with the subject line: Wordbox

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