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Squirrels In Space Live at Merdekarya, Tuesday 4 March, 8.30pm

4 March 2014
7:30pm – Open Mic
8:30pm – Squirrels In Space

352, Jalan 5/57,
Petaling Garden,
46000 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

Click here for detailed map & directions (for first timers – you’ll need this!):http://merdekarya.com/How_to_get_there.html

About Squirrels In Space:

When Malaysian fingerstyle guitarist Az Samad and Blackburn, UK based multi-instrumentalist Richard Moss collaborate, a musical meteor shower of East meets West fills the space. The duo blend their influences from Malaysian pop music to Jazz, folk, Celtic and rock into an acoustic guitar, mandolin and bouzouki extravaganza. Az Samad’s fingerpicked guitar melodies meet a counterpoint of fiery mandolin lines launched by Richard Moss. Together, they are Squirrels In Space!

Their name is a play on their musical playfulness and the spirit of musical adventure as they unleash their songs into the stratosphere.

Richard Moss brings his years of experience playing high energy Irish traditional music with the band Drop the Floor into this intimate musical adventure with Az. Az draws from his musical training, having studied jazz composition and improvisation at Berklee College of Music and later on stints performing Tex Mex, Cumbia and gypsy jazz with various groups in California. This rich blend translates into an acoustic music experience that has delighted audiences they’ve played for.

On one song, “Latah Setinggan” he used his Fylde bouzouki to power-up the funk grooves that Az plays on his Lowden acoustic guitar. There is a concentration of different moods as this duo surprises the listener with their interwoven textures. If you listen closely enough, you can hear how their friendship translates directly into a rich tapestry of musical chemistry. The way they their melodies dance together recalls the energy of Chris Thile’s progressive bluegrass project The Punch Brothers albeit in just two instruments playing as one.

In “Penyair”, their harmonized melody lines set the reflective mood of the poem that inspired it. With every phrase, Richard’s mandolin strings echo Az’s guitar lines almost telepathically before extending the melodic storytelling with his sparse mandolin solo. Within the folk-like simplicity of the binary song form, they explore a landscape of sound that launches your imagination away. As the song ends, the last few notes, in rhythm as the last harmonic fades into the distance.

Catch Squirrels In Space as they chart their course into the next musical galaxy. This is East meets West and then out into the stars!

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