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Actor’s Gym Auditions


A 16 session workshop series aimed at developing acting technique and body awareness

Workshop Fees RM800 total per participant

As part of its inaugural season, theatrethreesixty is opening a training programme for intermediate and beginner-intermediate actors. We are inviting all actors who are keen to develop their foundation in acting technique to audition to be part of this workshop series which will last from March till July, taking place on Sundays from 3pm – 10pm.

The aim of the Actor’s Gym is to instill the disciplines of preparation, independence, cooperation and technique in its participants. The modules give an introduction to techniques that will add to the actor’s toolkit and hopefully open the way to deeper, more meaningful approaches to acting. Participants will be exposed to both independent and ensemble actor environments to help broaden their personal understanding of stage craft.

From time to time, elective masterclasses from guest instructors will be opened up to the participants. Participants are encouraged to take these masterclasses to help expose them to other directors and techniques.

Of course, promising members will be given first consideration for casting in theatrethreesixty productions for 2015 onwards.


What is Actor’s Gym?

Actor’s Gym is split into two parts: Approaches To Acting and Introduction to Theatrical Biomechanics.

In the Approaches To Acting portion of the workshop series, participants will be taken through four modules:


Through scripted and improvised scenework, participants explore how to create and internalise a character. Participants practice pursuit of tasks and objectives, experiment with tactics and stakes as well as develop character histories and psychologies. Participants will also be exposed to ideas behind creating character physicality and physical interaction.


Participants are taken through tablework with scripts – what elements go into a scene? What is the subtext of the scene? Participants will explore the idea of story and script analysis and how to bridge the gap between script preparation and performance. This module includes identifying emotional events, subtext, and the structures of storytelling.


Returning to improvisation and scripted work, participants will explore the idea of existing in the moment (or the present). How does an actor be spontaneous in a scene that has been rehearsed for weeks/months? Actors will experiment with listening and reacting as the engines of spontaneity – and may discover a little bit about themselves as well!


After 3 months of working on creating characters, analysing script material and focusing on being present, participants will begin working on short pieces to perform at the end of the module. They will focus on building scenes together outside of sessions and use the module’s four sessions as clinics to help develop their work and characters. At the end of the module, as stated, the participants will perform for each other as well as selected audience members for peer review and crititque.

Similarly, there are four modules in Introduction to Theatrical Biomechanics:


Actors will be introduced to a glossary of terms, and to certain tools, games and physical exercises that will be used and repeated during the entire course, and which the actor will have to perfect as the course progresses. Actors will learn the importance of strength and flexibility in the actor’s body, coordination, rhythm and presence, and they will discover how to integrate the 3 dimensional actor’s body in a 2 dimensional space. Actors will also learn to work in an ensemble.


In this module, actors will be introduced to vocal work with exercises that aim to awaken the sonority of the voice and develop the capacity to make vocal actions in space. Actors will also be required to express sound through their bodies. All exercises learnt in the previous module will be revisited as well.


Participants will be introduced to a few of Meyerhold’s most do-able etudes which he developed with his ensemble. All exercises and tools from previous modules will be tested here. Actors will be required to develop their own etudes in a group setting once understanding of the principles of the etudes are met. Also sessions touching on how to prepare for a role, the Actor’s Emploi and the psychology of an actor, will be part of this module.


Here the participants will be given scenes to work on by the facilitator. There may be group pieces and/or solo pieces to work on, at the discretion of the facilitator. These scenes will act as a ‘test’ for the actor to personally discover how much he/she would have learnt in the course of the training. Actors will perform for each other and to selected audience members.


How to become part of Actor’s Gym?

Actors interested in joining Actor’s Gym must audition for the programme, to determine skill level and suitability. Actors are expected to prepare 2 contemporary and contrasting monologues from any play (any 2 plays from the mid-20th century onwards is acceptable) that are no shorter than 2 minutes and no longer than 4 minutes in length. In the audition, the auditioning actor will be expected to discuss their chosen plays briefly with the instructors.

At the request of the instructors, we will not be accepting any TV or movie monologues.

Selected actors will be put through to call-backs for ensemble work at the end of the audition process.

Age Requirement:

18 yrs and Above

Audition Requirement:

– 2 contemporary and contrasting monologues from the 20th and 21st centuries 2- 4 minutes in length
– Monologues must be memorised.
– Post-monologue discussion with instructors
– No movie or TV monologues


6 March 2014: 7.30pm – 10.30pm
7 March 2014: 7.30pm – 10.30pm
8 March 2014: 10.30am – 12.30pm, 1.30pm – 6pm, 7.30pm – 10.30pm
9 March 2014: 10am – 12pm


9 March 2014: Group 1 7pm – 9pm
9 March 2014: Group 2 9.30pm – 11.30pm

All auditioning actors are required to be able to attend the callbacks.

Audition Venue:
Sparky Dawg, Phileo Damansara 1, Jln 16/11, Block G,Ground Floor, Unit 108, 46350 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Please wear loose-fitting clothes that are easy to move in. Please do not wear any costumes. Basic black is best.

To book an audition slot or to make any enquiries, email us at theatrethreesixty@gmail.com with the subject line: Actor’s Gym Auditions. Applicants will be sent an audition form to fill.

*Actor’s Gym members are expected to have an 80% attendance rate to sessions. Reading assignments or homework will be given as part of the series.

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