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#CUAKmovie To You?

First, a quick announcement, “The official general cinema release date for CUAK is 14 Feb 2014, Valentine’s Day!” So block your dates and stay tuned to #CUAKmovie hashtag or like the Facebook Page┬áto find out when tickets will be available.

Also, how would you like a sneak peak at Director Cuts of the movie? Check out this video and drop @michaelcsm a line on twitter or leave a note on the official CUAK facebook page.

Doesn’t matter if you’re a student, accountant, lawyer, shopkeeper or CEO of a multinational corporation! If you can arrange for a group of people to gather in a place of your choice that has a large screen TV or Projector screen with a sound system. CUAK’s Producer, Michael will bring some CUAK movie goodness for your viewing pleasure!

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