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KLEX 2013 : AV Performance


We went to KLEX not long ago. Unfortunately, we could only catch the Audio Visual performance. But trust me, the audio visual performance is enough to blow you away! It is a mix of 100% experimental music combined with experimental videos.

As we were there for one of the 2 days, here’s what we thought of each performance.



With a combination of what sounded like thunder, crazy Decepticons with a blend of “sasau-ness” accompanied by the saxaphone playing sort of a blues scale and the visuals of a sound edngineering slide for a university, HKPBT worked up a performance like no other. The experimental sounds on this was amazing!


Jean-David Caillouët, Florian Antier & Joel Sanderson 

Their performance title, The Zoo. 2 cellist with a very playful visual most of the time made the audience laugh. In the first part, there were vocals as the cellist entered the set which was in sync with the visuals. It later progressed to a blend of sounds from the video itself. In the midst of everything which is happening, a thai talent comes on screen and interacts with the zoo animals. This was the comic relief as this constantly made the audience burst out in laughter.


Koji Asano & Wong Eng Leong

100% electronic, Koji’s performance felt extremely surreal. experimenting with monochrome footage of lines and what seemed like old dirty texture crafted with a low key mix of sounds. Somewhat like something you can hear in the guild up to horror movies.


Black Zenith 

Also represented by all types of lines for visuals, and a complicated looking mixer with a million wires peaking out ot it, Black Zenith offered a rather different approach to experimental AC performance. They used a sound no musicians likes to hear – feedback; and at a frequency that would feel like your brains are about to explode. What’s interesting is how they started with coloured visuals, moved to monchrome and ended with colour. This was the epitome of all the AV performances. Not only were we blown away, the speakers also took its toll! But it was amazing!



A last minute addition to the AV performance, i thought, “Hmm, what else is there left to experiment on?” (considering my little knowledge of experimental art). Awk Wah then enters the set carrying a drumset. Awk Wah’s performance was different as his drum sticks were connected by some wires. As an audience,I deduced that the the drum sticks hitting on the drums triggered the visuals presented. The visuals were audio waves with different colour fro different frequencies. Progressing as the drums climax, the visuals enlarge to give a more whole feeling.


All in all, we would say that experimental film and audio visual performances is something everyone should watch. Some of the experimental films we have watched before in other events by KLEX was left us wondering about the many different possibilities in art. If you would like to know more information or catch their next showcase, like their facebook page : KLEX Facebook. For more information about Metamorphosis Audio Visual Programme, check it out here : KLEX 2013: Audio-Visual Performance Programme.


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