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Musica Workshop 2.0 (16 Dec 2013)

EPIC Value!
6 hours of lessons & a 2-hour concert for only RM 150

For guitarists!

Come for this EPIC packed 1-day Guitar workshop with:

EPIC Topics!

– Rhythm and Harmony with Andrew Chew
– Introduction to Improvisations with Alexander Formosa
– Introduction to Contemporary Fingerstyle Guitar with Az Samad

Performance at night only at RM20 (Limited to 10 seats only)


  • Andrew Chew 10-12pm

Lunch Break 12-1pm

  • Alexander Formosa 1-3pm

Tea break 3-4pm

Dinner Break 6-8pm
Performances 8-10pm


More info here: https://www.facebook.com/events/712030488824748

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