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Mobile II : Flat Cities (Play / 12 – 15 Sept 2013)

Note from Founder : When I heard about this show, I had to write a post about it, for various reasons. One of them being that the nature of the project is exactly something WAMM wants to do. A collaborative project featuring artists from Singapore, Malaysia and Japan. This is what I want to do. (*If you’re reading this and have contacts with any artist, filmmaker, actor, producer etc from any SEA country, let me know.)

Secondly, I love the poster.

Lastly, I know at least one of the actors’ is someone you must watch, Doppo Narita. I had the pleasure of sharing all of my scenes with him from my last play RASHOMON (July 2013). It’s such a joy to watch someone like him on stage. It’s a learning experience in itself for anyone who wants to be an actor, just watching him. And for audience members, the joy you would get watching him do his stuff is something else. So block your dates.

Read on for more details. 

The following is lifted from KLPAC.org :

On the cusp of Japan’s surrender during World War II, a Japanese general suffers a stroke and is tended to by a Malay gardener. As they spar, having heated debates about the war, the present is revealed: a Japanese man in a relationship with an Indian woman in Kuala Lumpur; his ex-wife coming to grips with an astrologer’s predictions; their son, studying in the United States and confronted by his classmates about Japan’s past.

A multilingual production featuring artists from Singapore, Malaysia and Japan, Mobile II: Flat Cities casts the spotlight on stories of personal, social and universal struggles across Asian cities.

Featuring Shoichi Ayada (Japan), Sharda Harrison (Singapore), Akihiro Hashimoto (Japan), Chihiro Hirai (Japan), Doppo Narita (Malaysia | Japan), Najib Soiman (Singapore)


Presenter: The Necessary Stage & klpac

Date / Time: 12-14 Sept 2013 @ 8.30pm; 14-15 Sept 2013 @ 3.30pm

Venue: The Actors Studio @ KuAsh Theatre, TTDI

Ticket prices: RM35 (Adult) & RM25 (Students, Disabled, TAS Card Members)

Promotion: Buy 4 FREE 1

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