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Album Launch Party: in the deep night/electric poetry by Az Samad

Here’s a special message from Az Samad:

Hello everyone!

To celebrate my 8th solo release, I’m having an album launch at Merdekarya & you’re invited!

This album “in the deep night/electric poetry” is very different than my previous solo releases which have been mostly acoustic guitar prior to last year’s “The Amsterdam Recordings”.

Be among the first to listen to the electric guitar textures, effects and looping in this upcoming album.

To add to the celebrations, there will be some performances from guest musicians, singer-songwriter Anna Chong together with Keith Tan and Alubakhan, fingerstyle guitarist (and my student), Lai Ze Ren & Ng Chor Guan on solo theremin.

I’ll also be performing some music from the new album! =)

Limited handmade numbered copies of “in the deep night/electric poetry” CD will available for purchase at the event.

Also, look out for awesome giveaways! Some of you lucky ones might just walk away with a Random Knick Knack thanks to the great folks at Greenroom136!

Other prizes:

ONE SET for one lucky winner:

A mini-retrospective of my improvised guitar works, this collection contains handmade collectibles with my hand-written CD text.

Artwork by Az and photo by Yin (for ‘in the deep night/electric poetry’)

This collection includes:

Emo Attack Turtle (2010)
love letters EP (2011)
the amsterdam recordings (2012)

and the latest release:

in the deep night/electric poetry (2013)

2. A copy of in the deep night/electric poetry (2013) for 5 lucky folks!

Comes in a sleeve with the cover designed by Az Samad, photo by Yin. Each CD text is hand-written & hand-numbered by Az.


You’ll also stand a chance to grab one of these FIVE exclusive Guitar Geek T-shirts, courtesy of Sixstrings 🙂


8pm Tuesday 28 May 2013



352, Jalan 5/57, Petaling Garden, 46000 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

Click here for detailed map & directions (for first timers – you’ll need this!): http://merdekarya.com/How_to_get_there.html

Free Admission.

Here’s a sneak preview of “an open mind” which will be on the album 🙂


What some people have been saying…

“It has been my real pleasure to have known Az and his playing for about 8 years now, and to have witnessed the development of a uniquely distinctive style. Recently he’s been experimenting with looping and effects pedals, and this album bears testament to those explorations.

The decision to record a whole album of solo electric guitar with no other instruments is very brave. Az has achieved the impossible here by creating something fresh and interesting that bears repeated listening.

The album is split into two separate parts – more meditative chordal fingerstyle pieces, and others with overdubbed distorted jazz-rock solos and heavy use of effects.

The first thing that strikes you is what a wonderfully recorded album this is. The Proteus guitar sounds beautiful, whether clean or heavily processed. Az’s choice of (and use) of effects is refreshing and incredibly effective. There are a great variety of tones and sounds, which provides constant surprise and interest.

Some of the pieces develop into surprising directions over a short looped riff, others demonstrate Az’s inventive use of chords, and a harmonic sophistication that is always accessible but has a depth which bears repeated listening.

As with much of Az’s music, what is astonishing is the degree to which it is freely improvised. Many of the pieces sound like they were fully written out before the recording, when in fact they just developed as the tape rolled. This is part of Az’s genius, and makes for fascinating music.

Personal favourites? I love the use of effects on the first and last tracks (An Open Mind and In the Hall of words), and Chorale is wonderful in its Frisell-esque simplicity.

A tremendous album, which I’m going to enjoy listening to for a long time, thank you Az!”

Dylan Kay, Guitarist-Educator

“Az Samad’s new all electric guitar album, “in the deep night/electric poetry,” is something I’ve been looking forward to for a while.  Much of the first half of the album is very melodic, reflective and textural. It’s as if you’re sitting right in front of his guitar in the same room, listening to his fingers touch the strings, creating melodies, patterns and harmonics in a very close and personal way.  

If this was on vinyl and we were about to listen to side 2, Az begins by introducing new and exciting textures.  This is where the ride takes a gentle turn, exploring new sonic territory.  Progressively, things become more curious and visual, with the use of distortion, volume swells and other effects, all done in a tasteful way.  

All the while, Az displays a unique subtlety and sense of wonder, complimented by his proficiency on his instrument and his ability to present each piece with a fine precision. You always hear people says things like “this album sounds best through headphones” but I think this may really be one of those albums truly deserving of such a statement.  Put on your headphones, and listen privately, and you will feel as though Az has created a personal soundtrack, just for you.”

Eric Hausmann, Multi-Instrumentalist & Composer

“Guitarist Az Samad has done it again with his solo album “in the deep night/electric poetry,” achieving a stunning mix of virtuosic technique, creative improvisation, and sonic discovery.  The album takes us through a meditative exploration of sound, each song a new story told directly through the guitar.  Sit back, close your eyes, and enjoy this beautiful musical journey from beginning to end.”

Carrie Jahde, Drummer, Composer, and Educator

“These ethereal songs paint the listener with starlight. Songs of the mind and spirit, they allow us to experience the majesty of space and the depths of the heart.”

Omar Musa, poet and rapper

“Guitarist Az Samad’s latest album, ‘in the deep night/electric poetry’, is a masterpiece of different moods and textures on electric guitar. While listening I found myself thinking many of the tracks would make great music for a film. A personal favorite for me is the emotive track, Chorale.

Anton Emery, Celtic Fingerstyle Guitarist

“By combining melodic improvisation with generous use of effects and other sound tools, Az is able to create a listening experience that focuses on texture and atmosphere. This is music for poets, or maybe just for your inner poet.”

Mason Razavi, Guitarist-Composer


Say you’re GOING here: www.facebook.com/events/627582917256720

See you on 28 May!

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