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Screening Update! WAMM & FriedChillies : “I Eat KL” Special Preview


WAMM, in collaboration with FriedChillies is proud to present the next #WAMMscreening event and this time we cooked up something really special! In fact, this is a series that I had the privilege of acting in myself and was therefore privy to the awesome script and have already briefly caught several episodes with the Producers in FriedChillies.

Check out this little Teaser :

I have to say, I totally enjoyed what I watched. The writing is awesome. The production quality is exceptional. Here’s a personal post I wrote on my own blog about the experience.

The following is lifted from the Facebook event page:

It is a pre-dinner exclusive screening of a brand new sexy food drama, I Eat KL produced by FriedChillies Food Network, available on HyppTV Channel 833 in April 2013.

I Eat KL is a dramedy set in present day Malaysia revolving around the lives of three women. Meet and hang out with Sabrina, a writer with a big heart and appetite; her best friend Meg, a Francophile chef and feisty fashionista Kiki. As we get to know our protagonists better, step into the richly delicious and voyeuristic world of I Eat KL where food bears witness to their lives’ triumphs and disappointments.

So, be there or be square at the wonderful Kakiseni’s FREE SPACE on 23 March 2013, Saturday at 5pm-7pm for a ‘MAKAN, SCREENING & MINGLE’. You know the food is gonna rock socks since FRIED CHILLIES is involved and on top of that, there may be special appearances by the stars of the show!

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