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Filmmakers Anonymous 18 Screening : 9 March 2013

The following is lifted from the official FA 18 FB Event Page:

The next collection of short films to be screened by Filemmakers Anonymous!

Day/Date: Saturday 9th March 2013
Time: 8.00pm
Venue: Mindvalley, Menara UOA Bangsar, KL


1. “Masturbasi O” by Hakim Sattu 13mins

Synopsis: A conundrum of loneliness and guilty feeling traveling in midst of uncertainty. What next?

Filemmaker’s Profile: “Bujang Lapok”, a Malay-Malaysian man who fell in love with Soekarno,Iwan Fals,Pablo Neruda,Leonard cohen,nick drake,tom waits,Red house painters and Indonesia. To him, under the UMNO regime,being borned as a Malay in Malaysia is somewhat a “curse”. Hakim decided to travel by “prostituting” himself to Europe–Paris, Prague, Barcelona, Milan–to New Zealand,Australia etc in finding his left rib which was lost in Malaysia!

2. “Langad di Odu” (English Title: Grandma’s Longing) by Bebbra Mailin
11mins/color/Dusun (with English subtitles)

Synopsis: This film is about the longing of a mother (Nenek) to her
daughter (Otto). Her daughter had run away leaving her mother to join her lover in India. Narrated by the granddaughter (Cucu) of the family, she discovered the true meaning of love.

3. “How To Sell?” by Ong Yui Huan 4mins38secs/color/Mandarin (with
English subtitles)

Synopsis: To save his girlfriend, Hak Gao has to finish the task from the kidnappers. He struggles a while before he realizes the real efficient way to sell goods, which is by verbal communication.

Filemmaker’s Profile: Ong Yui Huan (born 19 April 1990) is a student taking Animation and Visual Effects course in Multimedia University Cyberjaya. He expresses interest in filmmaking in year 2010 and start making short films. In October of year 2012, he formed a team together with his friends and participated KL 48 Hour Film Project and won Audience Choice Award of Group A. The Short Film title: “The Shaman” by Animadversio.

4. “Share” by TK Cheng
5mins/color/Chinese (with English subtitles)

Synopsis: A story about people who likes to use Smartphone in their daily life no matter what, where and when. It happens during a tea meeting between a couple. Her boyfriend on his Smartphone busy with his own work. The Girl, She is trying to get attention from him but he didn’t giving her any response. Until a beggar caught her attention. They both tried to establish a communication while the beggar try to cheer her up in some ways. But the lack of communication between Her and Her Boyfriend still remain. Until she break the chain by her own.

Filemmaker’s Profile: TK has been working in films industries since 2012 as Project Coordinator, Casting Manager and Location Manager. Before this he also worked as video editor, 3D Animator.He began writing, producing and directing his first short film for Youth Creative Public Service Awareness (PSA) Short Film Contest in 2012.

5. “Kopi Dan Dia” by Fikri Jermadi 9mins29secs/color/Malaysian and
Indonesian (with English subtitles)

Synopsis: A man, caught in between a rock and a hard place, is forced to decide between his wife and his lover.

Filemmaker’s Profile: Fikri likes listening to music, even to the songs he
hates. Enjoys singing the songs that he does like, but can’t sing
them well. He also teaches languages he’s not qualified in, and sometimes makes short films in languages he doesn’t understand. Feel free to contact him at fikri@mail.com / @FikriJermadi.

6. “3075: My Earth” by Gary Chong 3mins55secs

Synopsis: Set in the future of 3075, a mother presents her daughter on her 18th birthday, the gift of a virtual reality trip to revisit the past earth from generations ago….where the earth was still abundant with the “green”.

Filemmaker’s Profile: Gary Chong is a creative director/scriptwriter and founder of his own production studio, garychongstudios. His work has been featured prominently on new media and television transmission outlets. He has produced commercials and videos for clients such as Ferrari, TalentCorp, IJM land, Chevrolet and many others. His personal work also has gained recognition, in terms of the acquisition of 20 film and video awards and nominations in the past 2 years and recently, one of his short films was even nominated for the ‘Anugerah Gemilang Cipta’ award at the 24th Malaysian Film Festival. This young director has his sights next on his first feature film and hopes to bring about a positive impact in the local film industry.

7. “男与女” (English Title: Man and Woman) by Joe Liew 10mins32secs/color/Cantonese (with English subtitles)

Synopsis: About a man who doesn’t go home.

Filemmaker’s Profile: Joe Liew is currently pursuing his Phd in Comparative Literature. In his free time, he writes and makes films set in Malaysia.

8. “Fragments” by Sidney Chan 5mins23secs/color

Synopsis: What determines our reality? Is it our five senses? Our memories? “Fragments” questions our reality in the form of a small conversation between a boy and a girl on a bridge in Malacca – where nothing is what it initially seems. An impromptu film shoot, while on vacation with my Australian cousins, partially inspired by Wong Fu Productions.

Filemmaker’s Profile: A 23 year old Psychology graduate and former president of the Psych Film Society from HELP University – with a spoonful of eccentricity for the weird and wonderful, an incessant habit of making films on impulse, and dragging his friends along to join the entire process of filmmaking.

FA18 Running Time: Approx. 65 minutes

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