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Kau Ilhamku by Man Bai | Cover by Cheryl Tan & Az Samad

For Man Bai fans everywhere, check out this version of Kau Ilhamku by Cheryl and Az at “The Malaysian Music Project“.

Cheryl Tan thoughts on one of the most epic Man Bai songs “Kau Ilhamku” – This is one of the first songs I learned to play and sing at the same time on the guitar. I think that the sentiment behind this song is so sad and beautiful – izinkan ku mencuri khayalan denganmu.. andai lagu ini menganggu ruangan hidupmu? It’s about idolizing someone you love (probably unrequitedly). In real life, I think it’s unhealthy to idolize your crushes, but the feeling is still real and emotional.

If you liked the video, and would like to find out more on The Malaysian Music Project, head over here.


Featured image by Wong Horng Yih

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