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The Malaysian Music Project: Hijau by Zainal Abidin | Cover by Cheryl Tan & Az Samad

“Bumi yang tiada rimba seumpama hamba
Dia dicemar manusia yang jahil ketawa…”

Here’s another video of Hijau by Cheryl and Az at “The Malaysian Music Project“.

When asked why she chose to sing this song, she revealed “This is a favorite song of one of my uncles, who is also really into Cat Stevens and Bob Dylan. I just love its message of environmentalism and taking care of the earth for future generations, way before global warming became such a huge concern. I also love that the chorus is sung in a different Malay dialect – not sure I can pull that part off though!”

So what did you think of Cheryl’s Kelatanese dialect?

If you liked the video, and would like to find out more on The Malaysian Music Project, head over here.


Featured image by Wong Horng Yih


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