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The Songwriters’ Showcase on 12 January 2013

Where can you watch 16 songwriters, attend 3 workshops

all in one day for only RM40?
Answer: At The Songwriters’ Showcase on 12 January 2013 !!


Yin from WAMM spoke to Jasemaine Gan, Director & Trainer of Very Imaginative People, who is the lady behind The Songwriters’ Showcase.

Yin: Tell me more about this epic showcase and workshop on January 12 at Publika?
Jase: This showcase is all about Malaysian songwriters; the people behind the song, the underdogs. There will also be 3 workshops where the participants can learn first hand from the songwriters and their managers on how to record, produce, sell and promote their music.

Yin: This sounds like a massive project. Why did you choose to take on this task?
Jase: We want to provide songwriters with a platform to share their works. To have people come and appreciate the person behind a song. Hopefully, with The Songwriters’ Showcase, the audience will come to appreciate the talents we have in Malaysia, and give support regardless of music genre and language.

Yin: That’s such a great objective – to provide a platform to our local songwriters. So who do you think should attend The Songwriters’ Showcase?
Jase: It’s open to all music lovers, especially budding songwriters and musicians. There is no age limit. We also hope to attract general music lovers (especially those who prefers commercialized/mainstream music) to come and discover the amount of new talents we have locally.

Yin: Cool! Who are the 16 songwriters that will be featured at The Songwriters’ Showcase?
Jase: We have (in no particular order) – LilAnnieC, Min’z, Jeslin, Kevin Lai, Az Samad,  Ian Tee, Zin Chin, Julio, Kok李誠洧, Keith,  Melinda, Isabell Phua, Reza Salleh, Nick Davis, Yise, and Anna. The night concert will begin at 6pm onwards.

Yin: That’s a fantastic line-up. I can’t wait to watch all of them perform. In fact, WAMM will be featuring the songwriters individually in the upcoming posts. Stay tuned. Jase, can you also tell more more about the workshops?
Jase: Sure, there will be 3 workshops. Workshop One will be held in Mandarin on Record, Produce and Sell Your Own Music with Julio, Kok 李誠洧 and Keith from 3-3:45pm. The second workshop will be on the same topic but this time it’ll be conducted in English with Reza Salleh, Min’z and Az Samad at 4-4:45pm. And the final workshop for the day at 5-5:45pm is on: Be In Control, Learn How To Promote Yourself with Yin Yin Boey, PM Wang and Nick Davis as speakers.

Yin: Wonderful! Now Jase, how can the peeps out there get tickets for this all-in-one day workshop and concert, The Songwriters’ Showcase?
Jase: They can head over to http://www.vip.net.my/TSS.html to purchase tickets online.
For more information, the official Facebook page can be found here: www.facebook.com/events/572577782757665/

Yin: Thank you so much Jase and here’s wishing you all the very best at The Songwriters’ Showcase.
Jase: Thank you WAMM for helping us get the word out there to all Malaysians and for supporting us. And to all of you who are reading this, I hope to see you on Saturday, 12 January 2013 from 3pm onwards!

This community project is proudly organized by Very Imaginative People, and supported by MAP KL and Publika.

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