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Davina and Az In Yo Fayce!

Jazz-influenced fingerstyle guitarist Az Samad teams up with model, dancer, actor, playwright and spoken word artiste Davina Goh and together they plan to bring the house down at DoPPel Kafe on Saturday, 20 October from 4pm onwards with their unique version of rap, comedy and story-telling.

The 30-minute set of spoken word pieces accompanied by acoustic and electric guitar promises to be funny, touching, sometime dramatic but always heartfelt based on personal experiences.

“This project came about as Davina and I wanted to explore the idea of cross-disciplinary works. By working with different art forms, we have managed to come up with pieces that are expressed through various performing arts disciplines. There are elements of theatre, spoken word, comedy and music in all 6 pieces that we plan to present,” explains Az.

Az has regularly accompanied poets and singers with his music throughout the years. His instrumental music has been used in movies, the most recent being Relationship Status by Khairil M. Bahar. For Az, music is a lot like working with imagery. His music captures a moment in time through his song.


In a similar vein, Davina works with her words the way Az works with music. She provides her reflections on life and her observations on how different things that happen during daily life affects a person.

Together as a duo, Az paints a picture with music and Davina in turn paints hers with words. Davina fills in the gaps with her words whilst Az accentuates the emotional context with his music. Watching their performance is almost like watching a short film via words and music.

Some of the pieces in the line-up include:

A Birthday Story – strangers are just friends you haven’t met yet…
The Intolerant Patient – a humourous take on dietary restrictions

Wasting Time – a reflection on the hectic modern life

rawr. – guilty pleasures discovered
For the love of surfing – water, water everywhere

“As a performer, I’m usually the medium of other people’s creativity. This spoken word project with Az offers a rare opportunity to present my own material, to collaborate with amazing talent, and entertain and connect with audiences on a more personal level,” reveals Davina Goh.

There’s Ukulele Too!

Guitarist-educator Az Samad will also perform a 30-minute ukulele set featuring his fingerstyle excursions, now on 4 strings instead of his 6-string guitar. Az has recently begun performing on his second instrument, the ukulele, after meeting and performing with ukulele prodigy Abe Lagrimas, Jr at the Philippines International Jazz Festival in February 2012.

The audience will be able to witness Az Samad’s latest musical adventure on the ukulele and they can expect him to take them on an imaginary journey through the melodies and rhythms on his newly acquired Lanikai Tenor ukulele. Enjoy a Saturday afternoon of joyful and vibrant music at Doppel Kafe!

“Well worth catching in action” – Sharon Bakar, Editor/Writer/Teacher-trainer.

Event: Uke + Spoken Word + Guitar

Date: Saturday, 20 October 2012

Time: 3.30pm (Meet The Artiste session) Performance begins at 4pm
Cover Charge: RM20 inclusive of Malaysian afternoon tea
Venue: DoPPel Kafe, Lot 2.04, Mezzanine Floor, Central Market Annexe, Jalan Hang Kasturi, Kuala Lumpur 50050
Phone: Sms 017 623 0288  to book seats
Website: http://www.azsamad.com/doppel



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