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What has been discovered at the Open Mic cannot be undiscovered!


Message from Az:

“This is part of a guest performance by Davina Goh at the Az Samad Trio show. I’ve been working with Davina in our duo project to develop a full hour set that we’d like to present as a show. In the process, we’ve been performing the individual pieces at different events to sort of test drive the material.

Davina had told me a story fairly recently & then I encouraged her to develop it into a story that we could use in our sets. As it turned out, she finished the text several hours before this debut performance.

Collectively, the Az Samad Trio has been playing together for about 10 years in different projects. I’ve known Davina for that long too & earlier this year we finally started formally collaborating in our duo project which combines our love for spoken word, drama and music. Essentially, it’s text meets guitar.

In this specific performance, it’s Davina meets the Az Samad Trio.

Somewhere in between Jazz, funk & a story born at an open mic…. rawr.

Hope you like it!”

Davina Goh – Vocals & Words
Az Samad – Proteus Electric Guitar
Kevin Adrian Theseira – Electric Bass
Zalila Lee – Djembe & Logarhythm

Performed at No Black Tie, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Sept 10, 2012

Video courtesy of Yin

▶ About Az Samad Trio.: http://www.azsamad.com/trio
▶ About the Davina Goh & Az Samad collaboration: http://www.azsamad.com/davina-az

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