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WAMM Shares : Open call for Artist in Residency (Saigon)

The following is lifted from an email, I (Michael, WAMM Founder) received:

Open Call for artists in residency

The 1st International Collaborative Residency for Artists in Saigon (Vietnam, 2012) is now accepting applications.

Collaborative Residency for Artists – application deadline July 28, 2012

Pandora Studio offers to new media artists from South-East and Far-East Asia, an amazing and challenging experience in a collaborative and cross disciplinary program. The residency will take place at the Le Thanh Theater in Ho Chi Minh Cityfrom August 25 to September 15, 2012. The residency is related to production of a new performance which will be shown at Ben Thanh Theater ( in the central district of Ho Chi Minh City ) on the second half of September 2012.

This project is supported by the ANA – Arts Network Asia (www.artsnetworkasia.org), an enabling grant body, set up by a group of independent artists, cultural workers and arts activists from Asia, that encourages collaboration initiated and sited in Asia, and carried out by Asian artists.

Pandora Studio will provide food and accommodation for selected artists joining from abroad during the three weeks of the residency. Also the cost of the flight ticket will be refunded.

During the three weeks of residency all the involved artists will collaborate in the development of a common project: an interactive dance performance reinterpreting in modern style an ancient legend. The story of the Carp who became Dragon.

Will be particularly welcomed the applications of artists working and experimenting in the field of:

·         interaction design

·         motion tracking

·         2D or 3D generative art

·         sound design.

The residency will take place in the upper spaces of Le Thanh Theater (sited in 25 Phan Phu Tien, District 5, HCMC). The stage is about 6 meters by 3 meters, and it is equipped with video and lights system. The hotel for the artists coming from abroad is nearby. The theater location is in the heart of the Chinatown, in the district beside the central district of Ho Chi Minh city. The organization does provide meals for residents, and offers full support in getting around the city and other practicalities.

Technical Information
There will be 2 available computers and internet connection on the working stage. In addition, the space of the residence will be equipped with a projector, a sound system, a 3D tracking system and light system.

The author will take responsibility upon the following:

·         to collaborate to the common project during the residence

·         to hold a public presentation of a past artistic projects as self presentation

·         residency time is up to 21 days

·         to take its own laptop
Pandora Studio will take responsibility upon the following:

·         provision of production material

·         provision of food and accommodation during the whole period of residency working in Ho Chi Minh City

·         to refund the flight ticket costs for selected artists joining from abroad

·         payment of monthly expenses of the hosting stage at Le Thanh Theatre
Application requirements
Please send your CV enclosing a list of your works and projects to carps2dragon@gmail.com (subject: Application for collaborative residency in Saigon). We accept applications until July 28, 2012. Selected artist will be contacted by email. The selection will be confirmed after a quick video conference. Artists from all South East and Far East Asia at all professional levels are encouraged to apply.

Please Note: Vietnamese Government requires a self presentation and some documentation which indicate your activity as artist or professional before granting permission to participate to the residency.


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