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WAMM Shares: Free Service for Dancers

The following is lifted from an email I received.

A free service to dancers

Dear Sir,

You are cordially invited to send your free listing to the Global Dance Directory.

Please return this message after filling the data below:

–  Name of person (given name first, then family name) :

–  Title of organization (school/company/federation/group) :

–  Position in organization (director/owner/teacher) :

–  Postal address (complete with postal code and country) :

–  Email address (confidential, will not appear online) :

–  Website URL :

–  Telephone, fax & mobile numbers (international dialing) :

–  Activities (describe your work in detail, preferably in English) :

Alternatively, you can fill the form at:     www.cid-portal.org

or send letter to:

Global Dance Directory

International Dance Council  CID  Conseil International de la Danse

UNESCO,  1 rue Miollis, FR-75732 Paris 15, France

www.unesco.org/ngo/cid         ExecSec@cid-portal.org

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