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INDICINELIVE! IV: There’s no better thing to laugh at than ourselves.

Just got back late from the theatre and I’ve got work tomorrow so I’ll make this short.

IndicineLive! IV, which I just watched tonight with a friend at Lot 10’s Actor’s Studio was wonderfully entertaining. Boasting a varied mix of various types of humour encompassing surreal fantasies, musical parodies, political commentary, clever wordplay, physical comedy and topical satire all served with a dose of irreverence and most within a readily relatable local context. The show has something for everyone, except the ultra-sensitive.

While not all the sketches were consistent in terms of comedic value, most of the team’s writing and cast’s acting was spot on.  A few sketches left me breathless with their daring (definitely not for kids or politicians) and many had me nearly falling over my seat with uncontrollable laughter, particularly those which touched on current events and famous personalities. The cast did an admirable job keeping up energy with the fast-paced sketches filled with oddball characters.

Well worth the price of the ticket, people! The idea of the show is not to take life and events too seriously, and if you want a good laugh to lighten up, the show promises a great night out.

Find out more details here and read our interview with the director and cast member here.

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