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There are two things in the world that rarely does what you ask of them – technology and dinner guests. Sometimes its harmless but sometimes … Chink! Devices become hostile, steaks go cold over icy glances and some guests should just be kept apart in this collection of three short plays about how quickly the wine can go sour to both hilarious and dramatic results.

T4YP alumnus Tung Jit Yang (2009) directs this mix-bag of plays from British playwright Michael Frayn and T4YP Team member Alex Chua.

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Open auditions – The Joy Luck Club

EMP is opening up a new set of auditions for their end-of-2012 production of Amy Tan’s ‘The Joy Luck Club’! The play tells the story of four older Chinese-American women and their complex relationships with their American-born daughters. Through revelations of their immense history, about their lives in China in the early 20th century to the beginning of their new lives in San Francisco from the 1950s to the 1980s…