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WAMMcast episode 22: It’s The End Of The World Now Run Screaming

This week we talk to four of the cast members of EMP’s upcoming production ‘It’s The End Of The World Now Run Screaming’ – Elza Irdalynna, Nick Davis, Ani Juliana Ibrahim and Ken Chua – and discuss the play, their characters, the directors, the choreographers…

…and the amazing size of a Japanese man’s phallus.

I won’t tell a lie – this episode degenerates into randomness pretty damn fast and it’s also incredibly hilarious, possibly one of the funniest episodes to date thanks to these crazy kids. Some people may find the content offensive and at one point the N-bomb is dropped (not in a malicious manner, please don’t get mad at us) but it is a truly fun episode as well as an enlightening one too.

So if you guys wanna catch these kids on stage together with the rest of their cast members be sure to check out the production opening next week.

More details at their Facebook events page and at the Kakiseni website.

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