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Breaking Into The Malaysian Entertainment Scene

Just yesterday, I was introduced to someone on facebook who’s got a pretty decent track record there. Graduated from La Salle, Singapore, was a working actor/host mainly for theatre and film there but then coming back to home – nothing. Honestly, I don’t think this person will have any problems getting off the ground here based on that and so this is what I had to say.

After finishing my reply, I thought that what I had to say is worth sharing with people. So here I am – with what I wish was a better answer about how to break into the Malaysian entertainment scene.

I should say however, I am by no means, the best person to answer this question of how to break into the scene – since I am still struggling myself. But who knows? Maybe this will work for you.

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I’m not sure how it is exactly in Singapore. But over here, the only thing I can tell you is that its all about getting yourself out there.

*I just added this part
If you can afford an agent, then great! If you’re lucky, you get a good agent who really cares about you and works to get you out there.

You gotta have a website (at least).

You gotta keep churning out stuff, regardless if it’s cover songs if you’re a singer, or non-stop short films if you’re an actor…keep making content. If you wanna get into theatre, keep going for theatre auditions and keep doing shows. If your ‘content’ that you churn out is good, people will take notice and start calling you.

You gotta keep putting yourself out there for auditions. Keep going for stuff. Even the shit stuff. After you’ve done your fair share of shit stuff – if you’re good and people like you – you’ll find that people will start calling you. This will take time.

Another lead I can give you is this, go to Kakiseni.com – put up your profile. I am working behind Kakiseni.com and I have plans to make it ‘the’ place for people to look for actors. But it will take time.

Also on Kakiseni.com – check out the Auditions section. It’s a bit slow right now but there’s already some stuff there.

For now, you can check these out –http://www.kakiseni.com/auditiondetails.aspx?id=MzE%3D



I have a feeling that you probably already know all of this I’m saying above. I wish I had a different answer with a more ‘solid’ approach. The above just sounds like shooting in the dark till you hit something right? I’m in the same boat. I figured that these days, I have a better idea of which direction to shoot at. 

Hope this helps, catch you around sometime and good luck!


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