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WAMMcast episode 19: Gossip Camping & the Death of a Sonic Screwdriver

It’s been a pretty long time since Khai and Amelia commented on what’s going on in the local creative arts world but they’ve finally found time out of their busy schedules to sit down and talk absolute nonsense. And whilst they babble away, CEO Michael Chen chimes in every once in a while whilst doing work in the background.

So listen in as they talk about how actors want government permission to tint their car windows darker, the love of a good tortoise and just how metal Vikingdom looks now that a whole bunch of photos on-set as well as official promo photos have finally been released.

This will also be the first episode of WAMMcast with a brand new theme song, courtesy of Khai and guitarist extraordinaire Az Samad (who appeared on episode 3) after they spent an hour jamming at The Hub. At some point I’m sure the full song will be uploaded for you all to download but listen in to get a taste of the new theme song.

And if you’re wondering why some weird contraption is gracing the cover of this episode, it’s a toy based on the sonic screwdriver used in sci-fi series Doctor Who (yes, we’re geeky that way) which Khai’s cat Gimme broke during the recording of this episode which you’ll hear in all it’s glory halfway through the podcast. So if you’ve ever wondered what Khai sounds like when something terrible happens, here’s your chance.


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