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To Audition Or Not?

Here’s an excerpt from a little something I wrote on my site, especially for those of you who are thinking about going to audition but thinking twice.

‘tis the season as people are starting to recuperate from the ‘end of 2011’ shows and are now prepping for 1st and 2nd quarter shows. Audition calls are there.

Here are two : It’s The End Of the World, Now Run Screaming!, a play andPaper Crane, the musical.

Some people are desperately looking for opportunities but don’t know where to go or how to go about doing it.

Some who have ‘already-been-there-done-that’ are thinking very hard. The thought process probably goes along the lines of, “Can I afford the time? Work/school looks crazy. How about my girlfriend/boyfriend/wife/husband/family? What does it all amount to in the end?

As most people, I started out in the first category, desperately looking for opportunities but didn’t where or how. After I got lucky and found the opportunities and did a couple of plays, then I fell into the second category – wondering what’s the point of it all.

When I was in between the first and second category, I used to complain, how come I always end up seeing the same ‘ole faces on TV and on Stage? Why can’t the newer guys get opportunities?

After many years, I’ve reached a few conclusions. Here’s one I’ll share. You’ve got to earn the right.

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