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WAMMcast episode 16 – part 1: Gavin Yap, Susan Lankester & Khairil M. Bahar

It’s 2012, and we’ve got a HUGE WAMMcast episode for you! In fact, it’s so huge that we’ve had to split the episode into two parts!

And it’s also because Logic Express can’t seem to render an audio file that long. Dammit.

This bumper two-part episode features two members of the cast of the upcoming indie flick ‘Relationship Status’ – Gavin Yap and Susan Lankester (who you may have heard on episode 7) – as well as director Khairil M. Bahar!

But wait – doesn’t Khai usually host the show with Amelia Chen?

That’s right, which is why this special two-parter has a special guest host who you may have heard in the last episode, – Mr. CEO of WAMM himself, Michael Chen!

Have a listen and discover more about ‘Relationship Status‘ that’s coming out this Thursday, January 5th at selected TGV Cinemas.

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