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WAMMcast episode 14: Playground Productions!

Today we talk to the Ashraf Zain and Megat Shahrizal of Playground Productions – the folks that brought you Disko Baldi and Playground! at the Tapis Rouge Comedy Night – and discuss their work, their influences and wax lyrical about the nature of comedy.

Also, don’t miss out on the Tapis Rouge Comedy Night – Sure to tickle your bones of funny!

Stand Up Comedians: “If You Think You Funny Please Stand Up”, featuring Kuah Jenhan & Malik Taufik (6 Dec)and Phoon Chi Ho & Shamaine Othman (20 Dec).

Projek Disko Baldi in “What’s Funny This Week?” featuring Redza Minhat, Megat Shahrizal, Shamaine Othman, Iedil Putra & Tuan Faisal!

Artificially Intelligent:Improvholics Anonymous (AI:IA) in “Funny Confessions…Shhhh” featuring Malik Taufik, Amelia Chen, Jit Yang, Farah Rani & Ashraf Zain!

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