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WAMMcast episode 13: James Lee

After a weird delay with program scheduling we’ve now bombarded you with three podcasts in less than ten days! You know why? Because we love you!
Anyways, back to the topic – this weekend’s guest is none other than film director James Lee! You may know him from The Beautiful Washing Machine, you may know him from Histeria or you may know him from his new movie out now – Petaling Street Warriors!
James was a blast to have in the studio and if you’re a budding filmmaker you’re gonna want to listen to this informative, frank and at times quite funny interview with the man. Apart from Petaling Street Warriors, we talk about how he managed to go from indie arthouse to mainstream, his upcoming films Claypot Curry Killers and his thoughts on the local film industry.
You may also notice that it opens with an ad pimping out the upcoming WAMM double whammy (or WAMM-y, if you will) of the Kinks world premiere and the Relationship Status sneak peak on the 10th & 11th of December at the Actors Studio. Be there!

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