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WAMM will be ending the year of 2011 with a bang!In collaboration with FUSED by the Actors Studio and PenangPAC – 
Screenings will take place in KL at The Actor’s Studio, Lot 10 and also in Penang! KINKS 
by Virginia Kennedy & Juliane Block. 
Two sisters meet while shooting a kinky American reality show in Malaysia and fight because one is the Host and the other, the Censor. Kinks is a mockumentary style feature film. The movie takes a cynical but nevertheless humorous look at two inter-racial sisters who appear far from alike. Inside and outside. One is white and one is dark.
Followed by Q&A with the directors.3pm on 10 Dec, Saturday @ TAS, Lot 10. RM 10 min donation.
8.30pm on 21 Dec, Wednesday @ PenangPAC, Stage 2. FOC

Fast, Cheap and Dirty (Indie Film) + Relationship Status (Preview)
by Khairil M. Bahar

Written and directed by Khairil M. Bahar (Ciplak, 15Malaysia), Relationship Status is a film that could have only been written in the 21st century.

Based on the numerous options available on sites such as Facebook, Relationship Status tells the story of a number of KL-ites from all walks of life whose relationships are created, changed and sometimes even ruined by social networking and the way we communicate in this day and age.
3pm on 11 Dec, Sunday @ TAS, Lot 10. RM 10 min donation.
8.30pm on 14 Dec, Wednesday @ PenangPAC, Stage 2. FOC

Some of the stories in Relationship Status may make you laugh whilst some may make you cry. What is for certain, though, is that all the stories will ring true. In fact, most if not all of the stories in Relationship Status are based on actual events that have happened and could have only happened in the 21st century with the popularity of social networking sites.Just like Malaysia, the country in which the stories in Relationship Status are situated, the film is multi-ethnic and multi-lingual. Some of the characters speak English, some speak Malay, some speak Hokkien. The stories in Relationship Status feature people from all walks of life and of all ages – from students in puppy love and young professionals in blossoming relationships to those that are married and even widowed. But regardless of how different all these characters are, by the end of the movie all their relationships will be directly affected due to social networks.Some for better, and some for worse.
Check out their website here: http://relationshipstatusmovie.tumblr.com/

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