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Calling all actors & writers! It’s the last writer’s session of the year!

(This is the last LiveShocks session before our Christmas break. LiveShocks will resume in January 2012.)

LiveShocks is a friendly, laid back reading session where writers can have their work read, actors can have a chance to read some brand new material and directors can listen (for a change). It can be a ground for new writers to gauge their work, for experienced writers to experiment or just a place to meet other people interested in the performing arts. All are welcome!

FB event page: http://tiny.cc/sgj0j_

_It’s simple, really:
– you can bring any material: it can be a script, it can be a poem, a piece of prose, a monologue or even a song (but if it’s a song, you better bring someone who can sing it for you if you’re not singing it yourself!)
– we get together, and we read and listen, together. Each piece of work will be followed by a small Q&A session
– and it’s okay if you don’t have anything to bring, we need to people to come, listen and read too! Bring your enthusiasm and support and you will always be welcome.

Now some things you script writers should take note of:

1 ) Because there’s only so much time in an evening, we take a maximum of 5 scripts per night. This does not apply to short poems, prose or songs. Please email the title, your name and a short blurb of your script at least by the day before the session to Alex at electricmindsproject@gmail.com. If you don’t email him, he can only slot you in if there are less than 5 scripts that session.

2) Scripts can be any length under 15 minutes (approx.).

3) Scripts can come in film/stage format, they can be short vignettes, skits, complete short plays or selected scenes from a larger longer project. Feel free to use LiveShocks as a place to experiment.

4) unprinted scripts will not be accepted. Writers should print a script for every character their script features and a spare for stage directions (eg. 3 characters = 4 scripts). If you need to have your scripts printed, we can do it for you for a small charge. Contact Alex on electricmindsproject@gmail.com for more info.

5) your work is your work. We declare no right to your work. Protect the ownership of your work – check out the discussion board on our Facebook page for more details.

Here’s a map!


(Phileo Damansara 1 is the compound near Eastin Hotel and The Star building.)

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