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WAMMcast episode 11: Ini Tidak Adil, Tidak Adil…

We’ve had quite a few guests back to back on WAMMcast this month, and if you listened to the last episode you’d have heard Khai explain that the reason why there’s been so many guest episodes is due to the fact that nothing worth talking about was happening in the local entertainment industry and arts scene.Well, ask and ye shall receive – after what they dubbed to be a slow news month Khai & Amelia are back to wax lyrical about the local scene as they focus their attention to the recent AIM (Anugerah Industri Muzik) and FFM (Festival Filem Malaysia) awards and the controversy that surrounded them this year including the delayed decision to take back Yuna’s award for best song, how producer Raja Azmi yelled at the winner of award for best new director and Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa’s multiple accolades.The WAMMcast duo also discuss Zee Avi’s track on the upcoming 4 disc Dylan tribute album, the recently announced female lead of Vikingdom, Bunohan’s recent win at the Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival and the Kampung Radioaktif Project.You’ll also hear Khai speak of his love for ‘Awas’ by KRU. He sure loves that song. And if that’s not enough, right after they recorded this episode they sat down with the people from Klue Doh to record episode 12 of WAMMcast… or did they? Find out when we post that episode up tomorrow!

So enjoy this week’s double dose of WAMMcast and if you’ve got a comment, drop us a line either in the comments or in the appropriate section of the WAMMcast page! And don’t forget – you can subscribe to WAMMcast via iTunes by clicking here so you can get the latest episodes before they’re even posted here! Or, if you just want to download it to your computer now, click here (just right click and choose ‘save target as…’.


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