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WAMMcast: Episode 6 – The Horror!

This week, Amelia follows up from episode 4’s story about how
Dr. Mahathir voiced his concerns about horror films with a

response from PFM, which leads to a quote which ends up
boiling Khai’s blood to no end.

The podcasting duo also talk about Sarimah Ibrahim possibly
heading over to do stand up in the States, Yuna’s homecoming
tour as well as all the usual announcements of upcoming

events and competitions.

They also give a big shout out to April Melody Tan for the

wonderful, heartwarming e-mail she sent over to us that made
CEO Michael all gooey inside.

So please – mail us stuff, tell us stuff to cover, drop us a line if you
wanna help out with WAMM. We’re always looking for fresh blood!

Fresh blood tastes the best, after all… heheh…


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