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WAMMcast: Episode 5 with KL 48 Hour Film Project!

Shahril of KL 48 Hour Film Project


Episode 5 is here and this week Amelia and Khai find out more about the KL 48 Hour Film Project! Producer Shahril tells us why he brought the competition to Malaysia, his experiences bringing the Malaysian winners to the Miami International Film Festival last year as well as a lot of information about the competition that’ll be incredibly helpful to those that are entering the competition. As always, the conversation meanders into the realms of Francis Ford Copolla, 50 Cent and whether or not Americans know where Malaysia is if they haven’t seen Entrapment.

And if you’re a filmmaker who hasn’t entered the competition, have a listen and realize that you should enter! You’ve still got a week to register! You’ll also find out about the other film contests that are tied with the 48 Hour Film Project such as the National Film Challenge, Go Green and more!

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