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PETALING STREET WARRIORS by James Lee (1 Dec 2011 release)

Release date : 1st December 2011
Genre : Action Comedy
A Juita Viden Media Group & Golden Screen Cinemas Sdn. Bhd. Production – Juita Entertainment Sdn. Bhd.Description : 
动作导演 – 马玉成 (《风云2》,《倩女幽魂》武术指导)
Malaysia first Action Movie. A SAMPSON YUEN Production. Action DirectorYUK-SING MA (“Stormriders 2” , “A Chinese Fairy Tale” Action Choreographer)
Starring : 李国煌 Mark Lee, 杨雁雁 Yeo Yann Yann, 黄明志 NameWee, 童冰玉 Chris Tong, 李洺中 Frederick Lee, 冯推守 Sunny Pang
Directed by : 袁再显 Sampson Yuen, 李添兴 James Lee
Written By : 林文祥 Lim Boon Siang
Produced by : 袁再显 Sampson Yuen
“Petaling Street Warriors” takes the setting in 1908, where a Hokkien mee seller named See (Mark Lee) has to face continuous extortions from the colonial police and Chinese gangs in Petaling Street, Kuala Lumpur while having a troubled (and sex-less) marriage to his wife, Zhung (Yeo Yann Yann).In order for him to impress Zhung, See recruits his neighbours to form a Self-Strengthening Society to protect the local community from harassment only to get into a tougher situation when skilled fighters from Japan and the Qing government appears to retrieve a treasure map from See that even he, himself is unaware of.The film will feature Singaporean actor Mark Lee, Malaysian-Singaporean actress Yeo Yann Yann, Chris Tong, Frederick Lee and sensational Malaysian musician Namewee in his first film role.1908年。史都耀(李国煌)和妻子钟离春(杨雁雁)在吉隆坡茨厂街经营一个福建面摊,经常面对殖民地警察和两个敌对帮会的勒索。虽然这对经常口角的夫妻 已结婚两年,离春却从来都不让都耀碰她,更不用说行房了。诡异的是,到现在还是处男的都耀每天醒来,总会莫名其妙地感到浑身酸痛。
为了向老婆证明他是一个顶天立地的男子汉,都耀召集了左邻右舍来自组自强会,却在妙趣横生的过程中,结识了一个神秘的美女高手“小菊” (童冰玉) 。奇怪的是,小菊指都耀为明朝建文帝的子孙,而深藏不露离春和陈坤也在这时显露了高强的武功。


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