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WAMMcast: Episode 4, Killing Me Softly With Emo

Coffee & berries – an important element of WAMMcast.

Yes, ladies and gents, it’s that time of the week when Amelia Chen & Khairil M. Bahar attempt to discuss the latest news of Malaysian made entertainment and end up meandering into random territories.This episode our two hosts say goodbye to the great Baba (and unfortunately Khai ends up in a hiccup-ing fit), congratulate Saladin for their international Emmy nod, the ‘evils’ of horror movies and emo music on the minds of impressionable teenage girls and question why the paparazzi aren’t hunting for Dominic Purcell and Michael Madsen on the streets of KL.

They also discuss the possible upcoming guests to be interviewed on the next few WAMMcast episodes and rag on WAMM CEO Michael Chen and his love for sausage.

All this and announcements of the upcoming theatre events hitting KL in the next few weeks as well as the cure for hysteria and the belief of science together with a shout out to the first person who e-mailed us about WAMMcast – Mr. Eddie Razali! Thank you, sir!

And, as always, if you’ve got something to pimp out, someone you want us to interview or simply wanna say hi, you can e-mail us using the form at the WAMMcast page on the site. Send us stuff! Send it NOW!



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