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WAMMcast episode 2: Pete Teo & Benji Lim

It’s the first week of WAMMcast so here’s a double dose of local goodness for your ear buds – episode two is up and live featuring an in-depth interview with acclaimed singer-songwriter and executive producer of such projects as ‘Undilah’, ’15 Malaysia’ and ‘Here In My Home’ together with the director of ‘Undilah’ and 15Malaysia’s ‘Meter’, Benji Lim!

Or is it Lim Benji?

Pete was incredibly knackered by the time he came in to do the podcast and we’re so grateful he managed to make some time for us out of his busy schedule to talk about stuff, even though he looked like all he wanted was sleep.

But you should totally listen to the podcast, especially if you’re someone who’s in the creative field too, be it musician or filmmaker or anything, as the discussions on how limitations and collaborating with people out of your comfort zone is a great discussion and one that any creative person should really give a listen to.

Oh, and if you haven’t seen ‘Undilah’, what’s the matter with you?

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